Wonderfully varied.

Rugs are real works of art! They not only provide a decorative feature for your living space but they are also wonderfully varied in terms of their design: sleek, plain, shimmery, round, rectangular, square, large, small… the list is endless. This unique designwerk furnishing style is characterised by its pared-down design, natural colours and passion for nature.

Out of passion for nature.

All our rugs are made with Tencel®. Tencel® is an own brand which belongs to the Austrian company Lenzing AG.

Similarly to viscose, Tencel® is produced from wood (eucalyptus, beech). Unlike viscose, absolutely no chemical components are used when manufacturing Tencel®. The wood which is obtained from the trees is also harvested from forests which are managed sustainably. Many times less water is required than with traditional cultivation methods.

In addition, Tencel® fibres are extremely colourfast, robust, breathable, skin-friendly, resistant to dust mites and bacteria and fully biodegradable.

Icon für Sanft zur Haut

Gentle on the skin

Icon für Atmungsaktivität

Improved breathability

Icon für Farbbeständigkeit

High level of colour fastness

Icon für botanischer Ursprung

Botanical roots

Icon für nachhaltige Produktion

Sustainable production

Icon für geringes Bakterienwachstum

Low bacterial growth

Can be combined individually

Our designwerk-rugs are available in 9 formats and 6 exquisite colours:


4×3 m, 4×2 m, 3×2 m, 4×1 m, 4×4 m, 3×3 m, 2×2 m, Ø 4 m, Ø 2 m
Moonstruck, Driftwood, Silver, Graphit, Deep depth, Bronze